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Local Yarn Stores, Etsy Shops, Designers, Independent Dyers, and other Generous People have donated PRIZES in the following categories to help make Seasons of Lace – Summer of Lace 2008 more fun (Be sure to visit their websites):
Gift Certificates
Stitch Markers
Yarn – to be dyed to your specifications
Other (all sorts of fun things there!)
(Some of our members who don’t have shops and websites are donating as well!!! The links in their information are to Ravelry home pages or to blogs).

Gift Certificates

Goodies Unlimited

Aubrey of Goodies Unlimited has given us FOUR $25.00 gift certificates — AND she’s paying the postage on the goodies if they’re shipped withing in the U.S. — AND there’s more — check out her Sponsoring Discount for the month of July.

One of those gift certificates was awarded to kelbel as a Random Joy prize

One of them went to yarnpro, for the Raffle for Lace Knit with the Knitters Own Handspun

One of them went to alittlefuzzy for the Second Round Raffle Prize for Wee Knits

And the last of them went to jan229 for the Fourth Round Raffle Prize for Medium Lace

Anne Hanson, of KnitSpot has given us THREE $10.00 Gift Certificates to her pattern store.

Melfina the Blue, alittlefuzzy and bagoyarn won them in the Second Round of Raffle prizes

The Loopy Ewe has provided a $50.00 Gift Certificate!!!

Which was awarded to thislittlepiggyknits — the winner of our Yardage Competition, for having knit 11,855 yards of yarn into lace!

Needleworks of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, has donated $50.00 Gift Certificate to our Prize Vault, and we awarded it to nolaboard, the winner of our competition to knit the most small items in one season.

They also Sponsored us with a 10% Discount!


Andrea (ajurgrau ) of Bad Cat Designs has donated two of her lovely lace patterns, in the form of pdf downloads. The winners get to choose for themselves.

tinker won hers in Round 1 of the Large Lace raffle (how fitting)

birgit won hers for Bulky Lace

Cindy at Baxterknits has donated three patterns. The three winners will be able to select their choice, and she’ll send the pdf! (Check out her free ones too).

Judybll got her choice on 8/30/08

Nightlykniitter won her choice on 10/15/08 in a Round One Raffle

knitsbyteri won her choice on 10/16/08 in the Raffle for Doilies

Helen (Shadowdancer ) from Fiber Dancer’s Design Studio has offered a pattern of the winners choice (available as a pdf download).

sligo won this on 10/15/08 in Round One of the beaded lace raffle

Laura of Fiber Dreams has promised one lucky winner the choice of one of any of her patterns. She’ll provide the pdf download once the winner has made her (or his) selection.  Tammyknits won this in the first round Raffle for Wee Knits

E.J. Slayton of JoyKnits is donating a four patterns : 1 each Angel Wings, Hearts & Hugs, Paws in the Catnip Socks, and Simply Elegant Scarves , and two of her Shawls booklets .

knitflea won the Simply Elegant Scarves pattern as a Random Joy Prize

wenat won one of the Shawls booklets as a First Round Raffle Winner in Medium Lace

yarnpro won Paws in the Catnip as a Raffle prize for Handspun Lace

nolaboard won the Hearts & Hugs sock pattern as a second round Raffle Prize for Small Lace

hilltopkatie won the second Shawls book as a second round raffle prize for Medium lace

and vicki won the Angelwings Socks pattern as a second round raffle prize for Socks

Melanie (PinkLemon ) of Pink Lemon Twist has provided three prizes — each consists of two patterns of the winners choice!

These were awarded as Random Joy Prizes on October 13 to blindpurls, Radarkaty, and Joycef2

Stitch Markers

Mary (Banshee ) of the Beading Banshee has promised to make a custom set of stitch markers for one lucky winner.  These were awarded to radarkaty in the Thank You for Voting Raffle.

Crimson Orchid will be sending some of their lovely stitch markers.

Amber of KnitMyWorld has made us a set of fifteen stitch markers. They’ll work on needles up to a U.S. size 7.

Ronda (RondaBen ) has agreed to make a set of stitch markers with a matching row counter for one lucky winner (Linda_Shelhamer on 8/1/08). The stitch markers look like this:

Stitch Markers

And the Row Counters will be like this, except that she’ll make them in the winner’s choice of colors:

Row Counter

Lindsay (LynnzPickles ) of the Wooly Seashell has promised three! sets of four stitch markers. She’ll make them to the specifications of the winner. (Yep she’s also a participant).  The first was awarded to sonja on6/21/08; the second went to ebonyr on 7/11/08 and the third went to judybll on 8/30/08.


Whichy at A Colorful Yarn has offered up two 8oz skeins of hand-dyed lace yarn.  One of them is going to NightlyKnitter for the First Round Raffle Prize for Self-Designed Lace, and the other will be going to tinker for the First Round Raffle Prize for Large Lace

Jessie at A Piece of Vermont is dying up some lace-weight yarn just for us. One lucky winner will receive two skeins!  That lucky knitter — was sligo! who won the First Round Raffle Prize for Beaded Lace

Artsy Gal , in addition to sponsoring this group with a discount at her shop, has promised to send us a skein of her lovely yarn (or perhaps a gift certificate for such a skein, so that the winner can choose).  tammyknits will be enjoying this, as her First Round Raffle Prize for Wee Knits.

Tina at Blue Moon Fiber Arts is sending: one skein of Geisha (70 Kid Mohair/ 20% Mulberry Silk/ 10% Nylon, 8oz. / 226g, 995yds / 910m). AND one skein of Laci (100% Extra Fine 80′s Merino, 8oz. / 226g, 1,750 yds / 1,600m) AND one skein of Silk Thread (100% silk, 3.5oz. / 99g, 1,250 yds / 1,143m).  These were awarded in the Judged Competitions:  thislittlepiggyknits won the Geisha for Lace Partnership; lacefreak won the Silk Thread II for Lace Disasters; and littlelena won the Laci for Lace on Display

Chris at Briar Rose Fibers is sending along two hanks of Angel Face (2500 luscious yards of 100% alpaca lace-weight). She’s also giving us a discount .

Both of these hanks were awarded for Judged Competition Awards: ShadowDancer won one of the skeins for Lace on Vacation; and tinker won one for Lace Extravaganza

Darla has donated three skeins of Malabrigo Lace in Polar Morn. Each skein of this deliciously soft yarn is 470 yards (50g) of 100% Baby Merino wool.  hilltopkatie won this in a round two raffle for Medium Lace
Malabrigo Polar Morn

Elizabeth has provided two batches of Knit Picks Shimmer (50g, 440 yards, 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk). In each batch, she’s given us three skeins! The first is Grape Hyacinth:

Grape Hyacinth Shimmer

Banshee won the first set for a Random Joy Prize,  and dplantlady won the second in the Round Three Raffle for Medium Lace

Joan , of The Fairy GodKnitter , has donated some delicious Wagtail Yarns (100% fine kid mohair, 375 meters).

This prize was awarded to wenat for the First Round Raffle Prize for Medium Lace

Deb of Fearless Fibers has agreed to send three skeins of her delicious FF Laceweight Merino in the winner’s choice of color from those she has available when the winner is identified.  AubreyK won these in a Random Joy drawing on 9/15

(Shadowdancer ) from Fiber Dancer’s Design Studio , has provided two wholly unrelated skeins of lace yarn.
First, a skein of Yarn Place’s Graceful Lace Yarn (the colors gradually shade from one to the next): 100% wool (first grade), 50g, 903 yds.

This was awarded to radarkaty for the Thank You for Voting Raffle (for the Viewers’ Choice Awards)

Then, a skein of Yarn Place’s Touch: 5% Cashmere, 85% Merino, 10% Tencel 62 1/2 g ~800 yds

Knit Picks is sending one of their yummy lace samplers in each color.

Lace Samplers

escr won one of these as the First Round Prize winner for Small Knits; she chose the Riverside Cafe Lace sampler (naturals).

nolaboard won one of these as a Second Round Prize for Small Knits; she received the autumn collection


Melfina won one of these as a second Round Prize for Newbie Lace; she chose the Seaside sampler (blues)

and littlelena won the last sampler in a Fourth Round Raffle prize for Small Lace

Kristina (GrandmaKiss ) has donated a skein of Skacel Merino Lace: 100% fine merino, 100 grams, 1375 yds. color 831 dye lot 3307. The color is a very pale ballet pink which she says would be attractive by itself or overdyed.

Maria of Passing Down Crazy has provided a cone of Zephyr by Jaggerspun; 50% Silk 50% merino wool. 5040 yards, in Ice Blue.  Awarded to birgit 8/16/08

birgit won this in a Random Joy drawing.

Flo of Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Company has provided a one pound cone of yarn in the Winners choice between Article 2025 (Rayon PetalSpun, 100% Rayon, Sport Weight, approximately 1680 yards per pound) Article 74C (100% Mercerized Cotton Size 10, approximately 2700 yards per cone – in choice of colors shown in Article 74P ), Article 950C (100% Cotton yarn in 3 Ply Baby Fashion weight, approximately 1680 yards per cone) or Article 984C (100% Cotton yarn in 4 Ply Fashion weight, approximately 1680 yards per cone) or any other 1 pound cone of yarn they have.

Awarded in the Raffle for Doily Knitting to knitsbyteri –

Andie at Renaissance Dyeing is sending us 125g (nearly 1500 m) of indigo dyed lace-weight yarn, subtly dyed varying hues with indigo exclusively for the Season of Lace group. It has been deliberately photographed it in the dappled shade so that its true character remains a bit of a mystery.  birgit won this for the Raffle for Bulky Lace

Nightly Knitter won this in Round One of the Self-Designed Lace Raffles

Linda Shelhamer of Sandwich Creativity (check out her patterns there) has donated some of her hand dyed laceweight yarn. If knit in a standard shawl shape, it yields subtle stripes. There are 1200 yards of 100% lace weight wool by Jaggerspun. It is handdyed in radiating colors in blues, blue violets, blue greens. (and yes, she’s a participating knitter as well).  (Awarded to escr o 8/1/08)

Buffy at Shelridge Farms will be sending a kit for Maureen Mason-Jamieson’ scarf Whimsy in the color of the winner’s choice.

JustdotChristina won this in the third round raffle for wee lace

Donna of Spinning Daydreams has promised a kit for her delicate silk scarf “Whisp of Summer” .

Whisp of Summer

awarded to littlelena for achieving the runner up status in the Yardage Competition.

Sharon currently of mymommadethis on etsy but soon branching out to StitchJones has provided some gorgeous yarn ( Stitch Jones’ Supersock, 100% Superwash merino, 425 yds, 100g, in Wild Irish Rose) and a pattern by Gardiner Yarn Works for a Feather Lace Shawl:

Vicki won this for the round two prize in Socks

Vicki (vicki953 ) has promised us a skein of laceweight yarn; it is 880 yards of 100% Merino, in a seafoam color.

bagoyarn won this in the round two raffle for beaded lace

Jen at Wool Girl is donating a skein of yarn and a pattern (winners choice!) for our Prize Box (and has agreed to sponsor us with 10% off lace yarns )

MarineMom won this as a first round Prize for the Socks/Mitts/Gloves raffle

Yarn – Custom Dyed for YOU

Freyalyn of Freyalyn’s Fibers will be sending a hank of cobweb yarn. It’s a blend of merino and mohair, with a slight halo and lovely lustre. Weight is between 80-90g, but the yardage is 1500 yards/1300 metres. The color in the picture below is Murex, but she will dye to whatever colour the winner desires! .

birgit won this in the third round raffle for small lace


Amy, sfknitty had made a project bag for someone.

Amy's Bag

Romi, of Designs by Romi will be sending us two of her lovely shawl pins.

Romi Pin 2

This nickle pin was awarded to thislittlepiggyknits  for the Second Round prize in Self Designed Lace.

Romi Pin 1

This lovely pin was awarded to littlelena as the Most Consistent Blogger Award

Beverly (PoMoGoLightly ) has agreed to make one lucky winner her (or his) very own Amy Butler Madison Bag!

This was awarded to tinker for the Viewers Choice Award, for her lovely Neibling shawl.

Interweave Press will be sending copies of the newest issue of Piecework Magazine (the lace issue) to several lucky winners.

In fact, we awarded at least half a dozen of these over the first half of the summer!

Jo Ann at Jdesigns has offered a hand-dyed silk scarf.

Awarded to mvo31  8/30

Karen (crittergirl ) will be sending a project bag from her LYS.

Awarded to linvon 8/30

Nancy (persistentknittr ) of The Knit Foundry is providing a 3-pack of highlighter tape (in multiple colors) (awarded to ebonyr) and one of her sock patterns (awarded to thislittlepiggyknits)

Meg and Tami from SchoolHouse Press have sent a copy of Meg’s Knitting Lace DVD!

The following shops have sponsored Seasons of Lace – Summer of Lace 2008 by offering discounts to our participants during this Summer Season (see their ads on the Sponsor Page for more details):

Briar Rose Fibers
Goodies Unlimited

Goddess Knits
Hide and Sheep
Knit My World

A Sheep of a Different Color
Twisted Fibers
Wool Girl